Our company aims to carry out all projects and facility works of high voltage 170 kV-420kV Substations and 170kV - 420kV Transmission Lines on a turnkey basis (Project and Contracting) with its experienced staff and engineers and technical staff who are ready at any time. Its founder has worked as Engineer and Manager at all positions in TEİAŞ Transmission Lines and Substations Project Facility Department and then Substation Project and Construction Department. He established ZM GRUP COMPANY in February 2012 to evaluate his accumulation and experience in the Energy Sector, especially for turnkey contracting projects of High Voltage 170-420 kV Transmission Lines and Substations MAIN ACTIVITY TOPICS A- PROJECT DEPARTMENT: 170 -420 kV Transmission Lines • Survey, EIA, Expropriation, Transmission Line Project Design 170 -420 kV Substations • Primary Projects, Secondary Projects, Construction Projects B- CONTRACTING DEPARTMENT • 154 -380kV Transmission Lines Contracting Works • 154 -380kV Substations Contracting Works


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