Corporate Informatıon


  • To keep “human first” policy always fresh,
  • To keep up to date that our country is located in the most critical region as a geographical region and that it may encounter Economic, Social and Political crises continuously considering its geopolitical sensitivity.
  • To be prepared to implement at any time by taking the necessary measures to minimize such potential negativities.
  • To the extent that this is achieved; Since the existence and competitiveness of our company in the sector will be preserved, it will be possible to turn possible crises into opportunities for our company.
  • To be a pioneer in providing service at international quality standards in the fields of activity it is specialized in
  • To carry out public and private contracting works in accordance with engineering principles and public rights,
  • With the awareness that the seconds are also very valuable in our age, to continue the works in line with the principle of time is money, to ensure that the contracts of public and private works are carried out in accordance with the work schedule and technical specifications,

To continue its activities by considering the environmental protection, worker health and work safety issues set by the world quality standards,

To be a school aiming to provide morally qualified personnel to the society and our country by keeping the in-service training philosophy active in the fields it operates,

To keep the working environment at the family environment temperature within the company, to offer respect and peace to the employees as a deserved value,

To keep the quality and equipment at the highest level both for the future of our company and for the future of our employees, taking into account the necessity of companies that are rich in our country to employ modern and qualified personnel.

Carrying out success and profit targets within the framework of moral values ​​and ethical rules,

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